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Shefa Yamim has discovered thousands of associated mineral grains: ilminite, garnet (pyrope), spinel, moissanite, sapphire, ruby, corundum, kyanite, rutile, zircon and more. (Associated minerals are smaller, secondary geological deposits, usually discovered while mining for another primary mineral. Associated minerals also assist in identifying, classifying and strategizing mining operations.)

At its laboratory in northern Israel, Shefa Mayim initially records and tests all precious stones and associated minerals, in order to determine their optical (transparency, luster and isotropy) and physical (specific gravity and hardness) properties. All testing procedures are painstakingly recorded—both manually (by researchers) and technologically (by Shefa Yamim’s computer database). After the material is analyzed, all mineral findings are packed and stored in special boxes, protected and preserved for future re-evaluation.

Some of the associated minerals are tested using the SEM method at the Geological Survey of Israel, De Beers Group Africa Exploration Laboratory, and Mineral Services Laboratories (South Africa).
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