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Dear USA citizens/residents, 

Following many inquiries received by the company by U.S. citizens – 
please be advised as follows:

If you wish to trade (buy/sell) the Shefa Yamim stock via a brokerage account in the USA, you can do so through the brokerage house:
Charles Schwab

For more information Call them: 800-435-9050   -   OR  -  877-6737970

Click here to search their website for the branch closest to you:

After opening an account, you will need to provide them with the following information to identify the stock: 

Stock Exchange:
Tel Aviv Stock Exchange 
Company Name:
Shefa Yamim 
Stock Symbol: SEFA 
ISIN #: IL0003410169

For your convenience, if you need more detailed Information as a Non-Resident of Israel
feel free to contact Shefa Yamim representative in the U.S.A:

Mr. David Morris
Cell: +1-786-578-5570

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